Installation step by step of PressIPTC.

Installation step by step of PressIPTC.

1 - Backup of the templates.

Create a low-resolution thumbnail from a photo and duplicate as often as necessity.
Caption these thumbnails with all the legends which you usually use.
Give them a name which reflect the associated legend. (Soccer, basketball, news, Politics, etc)
Save them on the telephone in a backup folder. (Ex: IPTC Master)
You created your backup of templates.


2 - Import the IPTC saved in the templates of PressIPTC.



Click on the Import IPTC from photo button.

Choose one of the captioned thumbnails in the backup folder. (ex : IPTC Master) with the explorer.

IPTC are imported.
The icon allows you to select which fields appear in the simple list when you click Edit IPTC and the same icon in the Settings section.

Use it to select the fields you'll edit often.


N.B. 1 : In some softwares, such as Photo Mechanic, check the option "Write as unicode" to avoid encoding issues with special characters (the field IIM Character Set [1:90] should then be selected and filled after import in PressIPTC).
N.B. 2 : By default, some softwares does not write IPTC metadata in JPEG but in "sidecar" file. So ensure that your favorite editing software embeds IPTC in your photos.



To edit a metadata value you just need to click on it.
Then a dialog appears to let you type or select the desired value.



Date and time metadata values can be set to "Autofill" to be automatically filled by the app. In this case values will be the ones at the moment the photo will be processed.
Note : Date Sent [1:70] and Time Sent [1:80] values are updated at the FTP sending step.



Listed metadata can be sorted by IPTC identifier (ex.: [2:5]) or by name. You can sort them by clicking on the menu button of your device, choosing "Sort", and then selecting the sorting you want.


Name and save your template.

3 - Configure the connexion to the FTP Server

PressIPTC gives the ability to store as many FTP Servers as you want.

Create / edit server

FTP Server name
The name shown in the servers list.
Host / Server
The server address, it could be an IP address or a domain name (ex.:
FTP servers usually use the 21 port for file transfer, so this is the default value that will be used if you don't fill this field. Of course you can set a different port number if needed.
Directory path
This is the path of the directory on the distant server where you want the photos to be sent.

Keep this checkbox checked if the server doesn't require an authentication.
User & Password
These are your connection identifiers on the server, essantial if the distant directory access requires authentication.




Test connection
The Test Connection button allows you to start a quick test to check that the server is reachable (Connection succeed), that you are authenticated (Login succeed), and that the distant directory exists and you can access it (Path OK).

Depending on whether you use PressIPTC through sharing or not, some of the settings below will not be displayed ("Directory" and "Check Access Point / Hotspot is enabled" are not present in the sharing settings, because unnecessary with this usage).


This is the working directory, you can select it by clicking on and then choosing a directory in the explorer.
Note : from Android 4.4 it is not possible to share a directory located on external SD card between differents apps. If your device uses this version or an earlier the card and its content will not be shown in the explorer.

Write IPTC

Check this option to enable IPTC metadata writing.

Then you can use a previously saved template by checking the "Use template" box and clicking on Choose to select the right template.


The Set IPTC button gives you the ability to edit IPTC metadata, then two scenarii may happen :


using a template :



The IPTC metadata list is the same as the one set in the template, only values can be edited.
The icon allows you to display only the fields selected in the template using the same icon.

without template :



All IPTC metadata are listed, you just have to select the ones you want and set the value too if necessary.


Add GPS location

Check this checkbox to add GPS location to your photos.

Don't wait for GPS
With some devices, and depending on conditions (weather, landscape, etc.), the GPS can sometimes take a few time (up to several minutes) to obtain geolocation. However, if you're hurry, check this box to not prevent the app to continue to process photos (including sending to the remote server).
We recommend that you also perform some tests and/or activate your GPS a few minutes before starting to work with PressIPTC.

Number of location updates to wait & Time between location updates (in seconds)
These two parameters are bound :

  • The number of updates to wait allow you to potentially improve the accuracy of the geo-location (the higher the number, the higher the geo-location will be accurate).
  • The time between location updates allow you to space out the requests of location with the GPS, and in the same time to decrease the battery consumption (but it may also decrease the accuracy).

The default values are 2 updates of location spaced out of 15 seconds. With these values the first geolocation will be obtained after 30 seconds (2 x 15 sec.) from the time the GPS returns a position. Similarly, if the location is older than 30 seconds at the moment of the photo processing, the GPS will be asked again for the new position.
Of course you can change these values to suit your needs, you just have to click on the desired value and then enter the new value in the dialog.

Check Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot is enabled

The portable Wi-Fi Hotspot is an Android feature that allows you to connect other devices to yours using the Wi-Fi. So, if your camera has got a wireless transmitter, you will be able to transfer your photos from your camera to your Android device thanks to this feature.
However, most of Android devices automatically turn off the Wi-Fi Hotspot after some time if there is no activity or if the device turn to standby mode. Of course you can set the timeout or change your settings to prevent this behavior but this setting may sometimes be hard to find in the Android menus and, if you're not an expert user, this automatic turn-off is in fact a good thing.
So by checking this box you won't have to care about this setting because PressIPTC, once started, will turn on the Wi-Fi Hotspot for you if needed. Of course, once the app is stopped, Android will turn it off if there is no activity.

Send to FTP server

Check this box to enable the photos sending to the chosen FTP server.

The server must have been set and saved in the FTP Servers .
Click the Choose button to view the servers list and select the one you want.

Replace image name
Photos can be renamed before being sent to the distant server (the name of the photo on the device is unchanged). As the example show it, an auto-incremented counter will be added to the end of the chosen name: photo_00001.jpg.
Note : the counter is reset to 00001 every time the log file is deleted.

Delete transferred photos
You can choose to delete the photos once they are sent and just keep some thumbnails.
The thumbnails are then stored in a directory named "thumbnails" in the working directory.
Note : if "Replace image name" is checked, the thumbnails will be renamed too (but not the originals).