Parametrize the wifi acces point and the FTP Server to the telephone to use with a Canon WFT or a Nikon WT

To configure the transfer of photos between your camera and your telephone you need to create this information:

WiFi Network

  • SSID: you have to name your Wifi network. (Ex: GN3CHRISTOPHE)
  • MDP: create a password for this network. (Ex: 123456789)

Server FTP

  • User FTPServer : give a name to your FTP Server (ex: CHRISTOPHEFTP)


  • MDP FTPServer : create a password for this network. (Ex: 987654321)


  • PORT FTPSERVER ; choose a number of port(bearing). (Ex: 2121)


  • Backup folder of the photos  : (ex: Sending of photos to the newspaper)

This information will be also gone into the firmware of the camera except the backup folder of the photos which will be replaced by "/".

Write the information above, SSID, names of connection FTP, etc. that you chose in the board below.Download pdf and print it.

Fill BEFORE installing no anything to simplify the installation.

"X" indicate which applications will need it.

Download pdf

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Tethering and Mobile Hotspot FTP Server PressIPTC WTU / WFT
X     X
ex : 123456789
X     X
USER FTPServer :
  X   X
MDP* FTPServer :
ex : 987654321
  X   X
PORT FTPServer :
ex : 2121
  X   X
IP FTPServer :
  X   X
Pictures Folder :
ex.: Sending of photos to the newspaper on phone and / on the camera
  X X X
Host / FTP server of the newspaper :
Supplied by the IT service of the newspaper
FTP server port of the newspaper :
Supplied by the IT service of the newspaper
Distant FTP folder of the newspaper :
Supplied by the IT service of the newspaper
User FTP of the newspaper :
Supplied by the IT service of the newspaper
PSW FTP of the newspaper :
Supplied by the IT service of the newspaper

*PSW : Password




Configuration of the Acces Point (Hotspot)


Put the telephone or the tablet in mobile hotspot mode

With Tetherfy, but you can use others :

  • Give a name to the SSID (ex : GN3Christophe) to avoid to have 36 photographers on a ground with AndroidAP as SSID...
  • Choose WPA2-PSK as the parameter Security.
  • Bring in a password. (ex : 123456789)
  • Check the box "Activate Wifi Hotspot".
  • it's done.

Your mobile access point is in service, you can connect your camera in WiFi and share the connection 3G / 4G  to connect other devices to Internet.




Configuration of the FTP Server



Download FTPSERVER on Play Store (you can try an other one or use the one that you already have but some are not compatible with the WT5).

In the preferences of FTPServer, configure your FTP Server as follows:

  • User : enter the user name. (ex : CHRISTOPHEFTP)
  • Pass : enter the password of your choice. (ex : 987654321)
  • Port : enter the number of the port to be used, this number must be upper in 1023. (ex : 2121)
  • Launch at android start-up : especially not, the Hotspot mode has to be active before starting FTPServer otherwise the IP address of the FTP Server will not be the good one.
  • DEFAULT INTERFACES : the hotspot mode being active, choose the IP address in 192.168. XX.XX. Wlan0 ( IPV4) current ip ' poster, this IP will remain fixed and it is it which will be written into the camera.
  • Restrict to default directory : check the box.
  • Choose the WAKE_LOCK mode : long tap to reach the menu and choose " Always keep awake " to avoid that the FTP Server sets in sleep mode.
  • Choose the Media refresh mode : Choose Refresh media after transfert.
  • Allowed connections : choose *** Tethering *** to authorize only the connections in hotspot mode.
  • Default directory : important, it is in this folder that photos will be deposited during the transfer by the camera. Avoid using the DCIM because it is as well in this folder as PressIPTC will take photos to be sent to the newspaper or to the agency, thus no mixture between personal photos and the job... Create a folder with an explicit name, in our example: " sending of photos to the newspaper ".

START your FTP Server.



Verify that FTPServer wait for the connection of the camera to the address:




Send a picture to the phone.

Log files appeaaars on the screen of FTPServer

If it is not the case it is because FTPServer does not find the network.
Redo then the procedure in this order:

1 - Verify that the Wi-Fi is active. (Hotspot down)
2 - Start  FTPServer.
3 - Activate hotspot (via Tetherfy or manually).
4 - Return on FTPServer and select  Stop FTP service  then  Start FTP  to relaunch the request of connection for the network, you have to be connected on Port 2121.


Ftp Server of The Olive Tree has no this problem but it has no  log control.

It's up to you.